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welcome to our home

Ptasie Radio Brzozów is a tiny guesthouse in an old wooden house located near a small town called Brzozów in South East Poland. There are no next-door neighbors except for deer, foxes and birds. In addition to a peaceful and serene retreat, we offer home-made 100% vegan food. The name “Ptasie Radio Brzozów” literally means Bird Radio Brzozów,due to the fact that sometimes birds sing so loud around here, it’s hard to hear anything else.

Our house is not a blank page that we can fill however we want, limited only by our imagination. It’s more of a story with its own beginning that we happen to continue. That’s why the interior design is composed of furniture and items that we’ve collected from locals or that we’ve found in our barn. Although wood decorations on the walls of the house were carved only recently they kept the original look that is typical for the region. In a similar vein, a big brick stove in the kitchen was reconstructed based on its predecessor. We also updated the place and made it more convenient to add to its character. What’s most important we did everything by ourselves, which can be easily noticed within first few minutes at our house.

Four rooms with a forest view

We offer four rooms and two full bathrooms in the hallway. Two family rooms with one double and one single bed (Nuthatch/Kowalik and Robin/Rudzik) one family room with a double bed and a bunk bed (Goldfinch/Szczygieł) and one double room with two single beds (Oriole/Wilga).

Vegan meals

The price includes two vegan meals per day: breakfast and dinner.

Common space

Guests can also enjoy a living room called the Nest and a spacious hallway with a tea/coffee maker.

Summer living room barn & campfire area

There is a large porch in front of the house and another one that leads to the barn - our special living room. In front of the house there is a campfire area.

Woods just behind the house

You can start your walk into the forest anytime.

Herbal baths

We offer relaxing herbal baths, made from wild herbs collected near our home. The kind of herbs is consulted with our guests.


There are five of us: Iza, Tomek, cats: Kesa and Shelly and our dog Lisek. To be honest, our house is almost like a family member to us, our center of attention that we treat with lots of care and affection. So why are we here? One day we found a house and decided to make our dream come true. That’s how it started. So we moved to an old wooden house and renovated it with our own hands so that it could become a vegan guest house that people would enjoy.







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Rates are based on single occupancy and include breakfast and dinner.

Adults: 110 PLN
Children aged 2-8: 75 PLN
Children aged 0-2: no fee
Animals: no fee. Every case is individually adjusted, given our own animals and other guests' comfort.

Different rates apply during peak and holiday dates such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter and the first weekend of May.

How to get to brzozów?


The adress you need to put in your GPS is: Brzozów, Chopina 97. When you reach the house by this adress, you will need to turn in a concrete slab road, follow it until the end, and continue on a dirt road 200 m more. Our home is the last one by the woods.

10 minutes by foot from our home there is a bus stop called Brzozów Alta. Neobus buses stop there (you can catch one directly from Warsaw or Cracow) and a lot of other buses and minibuses (it's a national road leading to Bieszczady, so there are a lot of connections)

You can also take a train to Rzeszów (50 km from us) and from there catch a bus.

There is also an airport in Rzeszów.

Herbal baths  

We offer relaxing herbal baths, made from wild herbs collected near our home. The kind of herbs is consulted with our guests right here, and depends on what we have on our disposal at the time. The time of bath is 1h, the cost; 120 zł. The water temperature is 45˚ C. The bath tub is integrated with a stove below (put out during the bath) but thanks to chamotte bricks, it keeps the water warm (around 45˚ C) for about an hour. The herbal baths are for guests only. The bath date is set after the arrival, because we must take account of the weather. The baths take place all year round. On the picture there is our hostess during a relaxing bath in lavender.

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